Love's Everlasting Prize

The Measuring Line Hymn

Love’s Everlasting Prize

The Measuring Line Hymn

(Zechariah 2:1–5; Revelation 21:10–27)

Look! Adorned as bride, forever wife,
She’s descending from above—
New Jerusalem, whose husband Christ
Holds the measurement of love.
Everlasting love—the hope of God—
In relationship was made
To seal children for our God and king.
Look! God’s righteousness displayed!

Know it is the cross by which we’re freed
From the curse that leads to death.
Glory in the cross’s saving power,
Meas’ring newness of life’s breath.
Guilty souls, oppressed, released may come,
To be counted residents
Of the city of our God and King.
Know the hope of blessedness.

Rest all you who now belong to God
In his city, safe and sure.
As a wall of fire, our God himself
Keeps the measurement secure.
By God’s purposeful, revealing light
His firm promises attend,
Satisfying with his perfect peace.
Rest! The wand’ring’s at an end.

Run and tell the world the city’s come;
New Jerusalem will shine!
The foundation’s laid, and streets extend,
Scaled by the meas’ring line.
For no limit will keep out the lost,
All those longing to take part.
Walls are gone; the city draws by grace.
Run! And tell each wond’ring heart.

By faith, in hope, our confidence may rise;
We see, we hold love’s everlasting prize!