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Purpose, Vision, and Mission

The Measuring Line is a ministry of philosophical exploration and encouragement centered in Christian ideology. We carefully consider, ponder, and discuss the things of God as revealed to us in his Word, the Bible. We do so because we believe biblical Christianity pours out all the truth, goodness, and beauty that defines, fills, and satisfies our lives—our communal enjoyment of everlasting love relationship with God. 

Our ministry is situated strategically amid Wofford College, USC Spartanburg, Converse, the Spartanburg Medical Center, and a couple community colleges. Obviously, we’d like to engage those young adult Christians of these communities who enjoy thinking deeply about life and relationship and how to pursue their lives with purpose toward fulfillment. Whether they have backgrounds in Christianity and may need some help navigating through their secular philosophical college or work experience that either ignores or attacks their heritage, or if they have been newly introduced to Christianity and don’t yet realize how all the dots connect, we want to serve in offering them answers from a Christian perspective.

Our activity steers toward a relaxed attitude of discussion rather than a forced dogmatism. Our Bible-study approach presents a defined approach to the exploration of Scripture while ensuring acceptance and investigation of questions or comments from those gathered to participate. Our approach avoids packaged delivery. We normally work our way through whole books of the Bible over the course of many weeks or months. While we hold to certain fundamentals of belief (see our Beliefs page), we explore all areas of Christian concern to come up with a reasoned support system for what we conclude. In other words, we’re not satisfied in simply knowing what to believe. We want to know why we believe what we believe. We hope that you will join us for this fascinating trip through the Bible’s stories, learning about God and how relationship with him blossoms and grows.








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Our Vision

With regard to God and his revelation, our vision is to assist the search, encourage faith, and understand relationship.


Our Mission

The mission of The Measuring Line is to delight in the joy of our God and in his truth, goodness, and beauty as we satisfy for all seekers the biblical and theological questions, concerns, and puzzles regarding God and our relationship with him.