The Measuring Line

The Measuring Line is a metaphor the Bible uses in several places to emphasize God’s concern, care, and activity in gathering and developing a people for himself. We call our church The Measuring Line because we thrill to be part of that embrace by God.

About Us

A church, according to the Greek ekklesia, is a gathering—a called-out assembly—for the purpose of deliberating. That idea is exactly what we of The Measuring Line want to promote in our meetings as we explore the Bible and its relevance to our lives. Our meetings are prepared, but we don’t want to simply dictate. We want to invite and engage in discussion of the ideas, fundamentals, and worldview of the Christian faith. We are people of the community at large, not ecclesiastical monoliths of resolution and unyielding enforcement. We, like you, want to know the truth, goodness, and beauty revealed, taught, and embraced by God through Jesus, the reconciler of us in imperfection to the God of perfection. We’re sure God did not create us to make us pawns of his irresistible power. He created for relationship. That purpose is our vision, our goal, our ultimate satisfaction. We invite you to join with us for the infinite joy of that pursuit!

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Our VISION & MIssion

Our slogan at The Measuring Line is Scaling the City of God.

We use scaling in the sense “to make or to lay out so as to be of exact weight, quantity, or dimensions,” but the idea also implies an indirect association with the meaning “to ascend as if by climbing.” The City of God (the Bible’s New Jerusalem) images the people of God—all those gathered by God who have responded in faith to his revelation of himself, particularly and ultimately in Jesus, our Lord. So, Scaling the City of God is associated with gathering, motivating, and building up those who through faith in Jesus belong to him as children and, therefore, heirs of eternal love relationship with him.

Our Vision, then, is to assist the search, encourage faith, and understand relationship.